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Intermountain CMIO Stan Huff on the Need for Greater Interoperability:

“We’re Killing Too Many People”

About 250,000 people die per year due to preventable medical errors, and that’s the biggest motivator there is for more advanced interoperability, says one clinical IT leader.

 Stan Huff, M.D., chief medical informatics officer (CMIO) at the Salt Lake City, Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare for the past 31 years, has long been a top leader in his field. Working on the leadership team for a health system like Intermountain and serving as a co-chair of the HL7 Clinical Information Modeling Initiative (CIMI), while also having been a former member of the ONC Health IT Standards Committee, Huff has a wealth of knowledge coming from both provider- and standards-focused perspectives...

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UNMC Cancer Terminology Presentation

UNMC Cancer Terminology Presentation Part I

by Scott Campbell and Jim Campbell 



Scott and Jim describe the work they are doing at the University of Nebraska Medical Center to provide complete and correct terminology sets for cancer diagnosis, treatment and research.